Early in the year 2010 AD, the Prophet Denis Law appeared to Amer and Ikmal and preached the idea of a blog where all things related to Manchester United would be discussed. Law's teachings were engraved in stone by his Second Coming in the form of the Prophet Eric Cantona.These sacred teachings were taken to heart by the two would-be bloggers and so The Stretford Roar became a reality.

"Inscripteth upon the stone read these five Commandments:

1. None else shall beith the object of our attention other than Manchester United - through thick and thin, belief in Manchester United shall be paramount.

2. Events which breaketh yonder, when occurred, and their report as a result, shall the aim be for The Stretford Roar.

3. Thou must, however, beith of hilarity whenst the news breaks from beyond yonder horizons.

4. Whenever possible, reference to social culture in a manner that will aid thy hilarity thou shalt make.

5. Never beith far from items containing wood, for the need to tap onto them will no doubt arise for to dispell the horrendous luck brought about by failing to observe thy scrupulous superstitions."