The 411:

If the season is to boil down to one game, it'll be this one. If we win, we open up a 6 point gap between us and Chelsea. If we lose, it'll be Chelsea on top via goal difference. If we tie, our nails will be gone in two weeks. It really is game on, and we need to keep our form up if we want to come away with anything tonight.

Where We Stand:

# Name Pld GD PTS
1 Manchester United 35 +38 73
2 Chelsea 35
+38 70
3 Arsenal
+32 67
4 Manchester City
+21 62
5 Tottenham 35 +7 56

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Enemy Form:

Chelsea, unfortunately for us, are hitting form at just the right time. They've got a L-W-W-W-W record and that speaks for itself. Thing is, that one loss came against us back in the Champions League. I know as well as anybody that we're perfectly capable of beating Chelsea. We're just going to have to prove it tonight.

Players to Look out For:

He's back. That's right, out nemesis in the reverse fixture this season: David Luiz. Fair enough, he's a good player. But that's just a bad combination. Good player + rival team = Hated player. It works for so many players: John Terry, Didier Drogba, Jamie Carragher.... But yes, David Luiz is going to be a thorn in our side - stopping our attacks and generating some for Chelsea. Plus, Terry's called him the next Chelsea captain, and that can only boost his ego.

For United, I'm expecting a big game from Ryan Giggs. He assisted all three goals for United in the Champions League tie against Chelsea and I see no reason why he can't do it again. To do this, he'll probably start in the middle again and so while he's doing his thing, supporting the attack, it'll probably be Carrick or Fletcher helping to cover for him a bit deeper. Either way, Sir Ryan... may you be our savior once more.

On the Home Front:

I'm gonna trust the BBC here and say that Hargreaves is our only absentee for this game. Although Fletcher and Evra are probably only at 94%, they can play if needed. There really isn't much public team news other than that. My guess is that Old Trafford is trying to focus on winning the title and not letting anything else creep into the minds of the players.

TSR's Thoughts

  1. Kuszczak will leave at the end of the season.
  2. Tempers will flare tonight.

Magic 8-Ball Prediction:

  • Will United win? - It is certain
  • Will the game be exciting? - Without a doubt
  • Will we see some angry scenes tonight? - Yes definitely

I think the Lonely Island nailed it when they said "jizz in my pants". Cause that's what I'll be doing tonight if the 8-Ball is right.

Jizz in My Pants.